Why Skills Development Is Important

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According to Statistics South Africa, South Africa has a constitutional commitment to equality of educational opportunities for all citizens. This is further emphasised by the National Development Plan (NDP), which states the institutions of higher education should be made available by the government. This is done to expand the production of highly skilled citizens and enhance the innovative capacity in the country (Stats SA 2017).

Skills training in South Africa is considered pivotal for the development of the economy and market. The country has a high youth unemployment rate of 43.2% of aged 15-34 years of age. The issue of youth unemployment has been a pressing issue which has plagued the country for many years. Many of the unemployed youth do not possess the necessary formal skills and education to enter the job market. The high demands required by the economy create additional barriers for many disadvantaged youths who fall further down into the abyss of unemployment, discouraging them in their job-seeking efforts. The pandemic also brought about its implications, further increasing the unemployment rate. According to Stats SA, in the first quarter of 2020, 1.9 million youth were reported without work.

Those that do make it into the working market with little to no educational background are plagued by the barrier of complacency; their limited skills capacity make it harder for them to advance in their employment efforts and personal development, decreasing their skills development abilities. Many of those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds remain within the lower employment bracket. They pass the chance to improve their financial situations personal development due to the existing barriers, which make it almost impossible for them to further their education and skill set goals. This also affects the organisations who employ the individuals as this creates a skills gap. This issue affects production, the business strategy, the output, and the general morale of under-skilled employees. To try to remedy this, specific legislation exists which can assist organisations in killing two birds with one stone: upskill their employees so that they can be awarded more opportunities. By doing so, the organisation benefits by becoming a market leader within their space in delivering quality goods and services to clients.

Skills Development

Skills development is an increasingly important aspect of B-BBEE in that it provides learning opportunities for previously disadvantaged dispositions to develop new skills. Skills development has a weighting of 20% with a possible bonus of 5% for specific criteria. Tusanang can assist in providing employees with the necessary training in your operating industry according to the allocated SETA. Along with our accredited training providers, Tusanang will assist in delivering learnerships from NQF 1 to NQF 6 learnerships in business practice, and manufacturing and engineering-related activities.

Workplace Skills Plan

Motivated and skilled staff is a business greatest asset. A Workplace Skills Plan will give the benefit of motivated and knowledgeable staff as well as a focused and productive work environment. We Provide your business with the opportunity to reach its goals and increase growth. Tusanang provides a variety of skills development courses and solutions that will improve employees personal and professional development.

With South Africans at the centre of our hearts, we strive to reinforce employment and empower workforce growth throughout the country and work alongside clients with the same principle at mind. Courses offered by Tusanang take place in the form of leadership, mentorships, in-house training, and online training. These innovations provide meaningful assistance to those who need it most. Tusanang Training is accredited with the following SETA’s:


Service SETA

Foodbev SETA

Agri SETA.


Through innovations such as these, the pie of youth unemployment can slowly be tackled one piece at a time. Legislation such as B-BBEE promotes the upskilling of under-skilled or unemployed youth for the reward of points on the scorecard. Send us an email to info@tusanang.com for more information and to get started on training solutions and skills development.

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