• Tusanang to provide the following
    (Where Applicable)
  • Accredited Training
    Training venues
  • Recruitment of Learners
    Workplace provisioning
  • Learner Registration with relevant SETA.
  • Assist with filling in SARS TAX Rebate form (IT180) and submit it to the company’s Financial department.
  • Student care (including disciplinary action)
  • Project management and meetings with client


  • Training done against SETA requirements
  • Procure and print training material for students (Student Manuals and Workbooks)
  • Upload of learners on the relevant SETA system before training start
  • Keep daily attendance register for the training period
  • Execute the progress report for the theoretical and practical component
  • Establish and maintain the Portfolio of Evidence of each learner during the learnership
  • Assist and Certify learners in accordance with the SETA requirement
  • Provide Quality Control based on quarterly inspections
    Invoicing of the project


  • Completion and submission of all relevant documentation for the Discretionary Grant as per SETA requirements and formats.
  • Follow up on GRANT payments.
  • The company will be supplied with detailed statements when payments have been made.
  • Attending to all administration aspects of the Discretionary grant and management thereof, as well as the collection and submission of all documents and delivery thereof to the correct parties.
  • Scheduling training with SETA aligned training providers where necessary as well as assessment and moderation of training for employees / learners.
  • Providing training outcome feedback.

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