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sona 2021

The 2021 SONA was highly anticipated by many. Considering the unexpected year South Africa had in 2020 due to the pandemic, all citizens waited in anticipation to hear what President Ramaphosa and his cabinet have planned to pull the country out of its dire situation.

Many were left dissatisfied by the lack of attention given by the President regarding education. It was a no brainer that education was heavily affected due to the closing of schools. Remote learning made it difficult for underprivileged learners to access learning material. Education lobby group Equal Education released a series of videos on their Twitter account on 11 February 2021 of disadvantaged students recalling their first-hand experience on how they were negatively affected by the lack of resources. They went on to ask the President to prioritise funding in education, especially for those in the rural areas and townships.

SONA 2020

Looking back at the 2020 SONA, the President noted were the plans to establish a new University of Science and Innovation in the City of Ekurhuleni to focus on technical training. He also made a note of increasing the number of TVET college campuses for easier accessibility.

“This will enable young people in that metro to be trained in high-impact and cutting-edge technological innovation for current and future industries. The most significant contribution we can make to inclusive economic growth is in the development of appropriate skills and capabilities.”

“We are building nine new TVET college campuses this year, in Sterkspruit, Aliwal North, Graaff Reinet and Ngungqushe in the Eastern Cape, and in Umzimkhulu, Greytown, Msinga, Nongoma and Kwagqikazi in KwaZulu-Natal.” – President Ramaphosa.

While the onset of Corona might have delayed these plans, the plan to introduce coding and robotics in grades R to 3 in 200 schools altogether by 2022 has also taken a step back – further echoing the critics who remain sceptical about the state of education in SA.

SONA 2021

The President announced that they have approved a SA Connect project that would launch broadband to state-owned entities such as schools, hospitals, police stations, and other facilities. An R100bn infrastructure fund is in “full operation”, and educational spaces would be among the projects that enjoy it.

What does this mean for Tusanang?

As a renowned training provider in South Africa, which allows individuals and organisations to move forward and grow, our e-learning platforms are readily available for any economic climate. Our e-learning products service the education sector by filling the arising needs gap that most industries will experience because of the pandemic and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s introduction.

Tusanang’s training adds to your business growth by enabling you to forecast and plan and increase productivity. All E-learning classes are facilitated through interactive live streaming, and all informative self-learning material is accessible and downloadable anytime via the platform. We supply learners who don’t have access to the necessary infrastructure with a tablet to access our uniquely designed platform. We assist in creating professional individuals, delivering industry-aligned programmes and providing an innovative approach to ensure we offer the right solutions every time.


What can you do to upskill using education in your company?

Upskilling your employees gives them the ability to attain their educational goals, further advancing them as active citizens in South Africa’s employment force. While the future might be uncertain, filling the needs gap that your business might experience, delivers an innovative approach, strengthening your company to operate legitimately and sustainability. Not only does this provide you with points for your B-BBEE scorecard, but it also contributes towards your Workplace Skills Plan.


For more information on our e-Learning offerings, please send us an email to info@tusananggroup.com or give us a call on 012 333 0046.

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