Workplace Skills Plan

  • A Workplace Skills Plan developed, implemented and submitted to the relevant SETA on your behalf for B-BBEE compliance.
  • A fee of, equal to one month’s SDL payment, will be charged for the compiling and submission of your WSP.

Skills Development

  • Document Collection (for reporting as per Seta requirements and Formats)
  • Reporting (WSP & ATR)
  • Following up on grant pay-outs
    B-BBEE Alignment
  • Attendance of Committee Meetings
    Seta Meetings/ workshops/company representation

SDL Claims

  • Your business will be assigned to Tusanang (Pty) Ltd Services to be your Skills Development Facilitator, who will assist you in claiming back 20% percent of your skills development levies, claiming grants, communicate with your SETA and much more.
  • This fee is inclusive of the WSP fee above.

Skills Audit Services

  • Sourcing the relevant information
  • Supplying appropriate surveys and questionnaires for each employee and occupational level
  • Determining the companies’ skills gap
  • Drawing up a skills plan with schedule for the year
  • Aligning the training with discretionary and pivotal grants where possible
  • Report and feedback in skills plan for the year

Training Management

  • Sourcing & Training Placement
  • Sourcing training information through skills audit and company plan
  • Sourcing and booking training providers aligned with SETA
    Authorizing training
  • Managing and planning training dates and events
  • Following up on attendance of both leaner and training provider
  • Managing the training bookings and payments
  • Following up on certification

Annual Training Report

  • Conducting an annual training report for companies to determine the skills input and impact.
  • Compiling an Annual Training Plan and submitted to the relevant SETA on your behalf for B-BBEE compliance.

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