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The uncertainty of the business environment post-COVID19 leaves many fearful. Business owners who were forced to shut down during the lockdown are facing the reality that new challenges will arise in their industry, challenges they have never dealt with before. These Macro challenges mean that organisations need to adapt or die – and in the short run this may have an impact on employees, not only in terms of employment security but also in the work that needs to be done. Are your employees prepared?

Creating resilient employees that strive during and after COVID19 should be a top priority for employers. Skills development has become an integral part of employees during this pandemic. Employees need to prepare themselves to take on roles they may have never had to before. The shifting of the stock market and the unstable relationship between demand and supply of goods and services will more likely create a new wave of procedures in the workplace and will disrupt the work culture. Companies that relied on individuals to do certain will have to restructure – out with old and in with the new. The benefits of technology and virtual teams have become obvious, this creates a new meaning for work in this coming decade and shows the resilient strength of employees. Once doubted to get basic work done, now proven to complete all tasks and more during the pandemic. To harness these skills and strengths, skills development comes into play.

As leaders in skills development, at Tusanang, we believe in providing opportunities for every individual in South Africa to move forward in their career, grow with the organisation, and most importantly in their personal development. With South Africans at the center of our hearts, we strive to reinforce employment and empower workforce growth throughout the country and work alongside clients with the same principle at mind.

It is no doubt that the disruption of COVID-19 has forced many industries to relook at their strategies. This will have a direct impact on the country’s already struggling workforce. How we handle this discourse and the solutions generated in each industry will set the tone of departure for post-COVID employment. In some cases, this pandemic will force much-needed innovation to take place. The ability to turn lemons into lemonade is the only skill needed to remain relevant and afloat during times like these. In providing skills development for employees in the workplace, it is just as important to provide skills development through learnerships for the unemployed youth. With South Africa’s unemployment rate standing at 29,0%, now more than ever do we need to start preparing the unemployed for the changing industry they will be entering after COVID-19. Skills such as adaptability, teamwork, technological flexibility, pro-activeness, and innovativeness. All these make the perfect recipe for employees who will be able to adapt in a fast-moving industry which requires willing team players to achieve the goals set. Industries we focus on are the food and beverage, whole and retail, admin and management. Creating capable leaders in these industries is what we strive in, we aim to improve the current lexicon of the shortage of skills in the country. Through our innovative courses – both in-person and online – we provide superior solutions for our clients.

To get in touch with us regarding skills development and for more info, send us an email at

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