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It’s safe to say that the economical panic of COVID-19 is beginning to set in in South African businesses. Many industries that are not considered a necessity are coming out in bulk, begging the government to approve their trading permits so that they too can continue trading in order to avoid the implications of retrenchments and closure.

It’s been observed how the liquor industry has been lobbying for this. In an attempt to start running operations, they have proposed to sell their products in the form of take-aways and only operating between set hours. Needless to say, society and stakeholders have not taken well to this. The most vocal of all, minister of police Bheki Cele has made known his stance on the matter, claiming that it puts unnecessary pressure on the police force which has already seen a decrease in crimes due to the short-term ban. The commotion regarding this had opened a few debates on social media platforms such as Twitter – what is an essential service and who qualifies? Do we need them, or do they just make life easier to live?

As SETA accredited trainers, we are familiar with this. As providers of training services in many industries, we can sympathise with the outcry. Not only does the lockdown on certain goods and services impact the organisations, but the employees as well.  In our many years of providing business and training solutions, we know far too well that the employment world order is going to change. The economy should be gearing up for a new world order which will have an impact on all organisations across all industries. As an employer of essential services, providing skills development and training solutions for employees is important in preparing them for the next phase in business operations. As leaders in this regard, we believe providing opportunities for every individual in South Africa to move forward in their career, grow with the organisation, and most importantly in their personal development. Our extensive catalogue of courses speaks for itself. As our name suggests, we are passionate about helping one another. With South Africans at the centre of our hearts, we strive to reinforce employment and empower workforce growth throughout the country and work alongside clients with the same principle at mind.

The superheroes of 2020, being essential workers, have proven to be an important asset for many organisations during this period. This pandemic has shone a light on the underdogs of the working force – all employees matter regardless of their level in an organisation. To empower these workers, skills development is necessary. The Workplace Skills Development Plan is due on the 30th of April. This document records the skills needs of your company by describing the range and development interventions that your organisation will use to address these needs. In submitting this document, your company is granted access to various SETA grants available for skills training. For information regarding this, click here. If you need help with submitting one, we can help!

With the lockdown being extended for an additional two weeks, it becomes increasingly difficult for employers to gauge where their organisation will be in the future. COVID-19 ministerial advisory committee chairperson, Professor Salim Abdool Karim has suggested that the lockdown may continue well into May, considering the flu season the country is about to enter. This, of course, brings uncertainty for organisations and increases the health risks for essential workers. The future may seem bleak, but with accurate steps put into place – such as the services we offer, organisations can pull through.

For more information, send us an email to or for help with your WSP and our e-Learning platforms.

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