Equity Reporting

  • Information collection from company
  • Online reporting registration
  • Reporting of EEA2
    Reporting of the EEA4
  • Sign off and submission
  • Final report and acknowledgement letter of submission delivery
  • Company representation at annual DOL meetings
  • Advising on Employment equity compliance

Equity Plan Writing

  • Information collection regarding workforce etc.
  • Conducting an Employment Equity Audit
  • Conducting a qualitative workforce analysis
  • Assisting in assigning and setting up a forum (if required)
  • Attend Quarterly forum meetings
  • Assisting with the appointing of an Employment Equity Manager
  • Discussion on barriers and affirmative action measures necessary
  • Compilation of the Employment Equity file/s

Consultative Services

  • Development or Revising of policies and procedures according to barriers and affirmative action measures on the EEA13
    Policy and procedure development or revising
  • Employee Consultation and presentation
  • Presentation of max 15 employees per presentation
  • Attending all scheduled Training Committee meetings and forum meetings, throughout the year and supplying input where necessary (for Companies with 50 or more employees).

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