World AIDS day 2020 – the state of the pandemic in South Africa

As the country enters its final month in 2020, Mzansi can marvel at how far it has come in terms of keeping the novel Corona Virus at bay. While provinces such as the Eastern Cape and Western Cape show surging numbers in positive cases, the country also observes its first pandemic, HIV/AIDS. South Africa has

South Africa’s Epidemic –Unemployment

An increase in the unemployment rate was expected due to the novel pandemic. Experts have predicted that it could take anything from 5 to 10 years before the country’s economy could fully recover. One must ask themselves, what does it mean, for South Africa, to have a fully recovered economy when the youth unemployment rates

Mental Health in 2020 – What Now?

It is no brainer that the pandemic that crippled the world did more than just close borders and economic activities – it affected many in terms of their mental health. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group reported that they received a high number of calls from individuals who had reportedly no history of anxiety

Why Skills Development is Important

According to Statistics South Africa, South Africa has a constitutional commitment to equality of educational opportunities for all citizens. This is further emphasised by the National Development Plan (NDP), which states the institutions of higher education should be made available by the government. This is done to expand the production of highly skilled citizens and

Reasons to choose Tusanang for accredited e-Learning

The South African lockdown series which was assumed to last only a few weeks has been active for the past four months. There have been different levels of lockdown implemented every three weeks to ease economic burdens placed to reduce the number of infections, working, and studying from home continues to be a norm for