Reasons to choose Tusanang for accredited e-Learning

The South African lockdown series which was assumed to last only a few weeks has been active for the past four months. There have been different levels of lockdown implemented every three weeks to ease economic burdens placed to reduce the number of infections, working, and studying from home continues to be a norm for

Back to Work Chronicles – How to make it work

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that level 3 restrictions would start on the 1st of June 2020, meaning that more economic activities would be eased, allowing more people to back to their offices and resume operations. While many expressed glee at being able to leave their houses and earn a living, others experienced a sense of

Lockdown Level 3 – The Pandemic rises

These Standard policies that can be easily adapted to align with your business and customised with your own logo, making it easier for you to stay one step ahead in your industry.

Using Soft Skills during the Hard Times

The paradox of using soft skills during a difficult pandemic such as this one begs the question that employers should be asking their employees: are they coping and is their Emotional Intelligence up to par? So often we focus on the IQ of employees as a standard of measurement whether an individual will be able

B-BBEE Compliance – How we can Thusa you in the process

The current business lexicon of South Africa can be described as competitive and difficult, yet also inclusive. The introduction of B-BBEE scorecards is to try to remedy the past disadvantages the black people were privy to. By promoting the economic growth of black people in the business, the organisation places itself as a well-garnered and