The amended B-BBEE codes of Good Practice that are now fully implemented provide a serious challenge to companies who are finding it difficult to achieve a decent Level of Compliance.

What has also become apparent is that some businesses are not aware that the amended codes stipulate that companies must implement their B-BBEE strategies before the end of their audited financial period in order to have it recognized when renewing their B-BBEE Scorecard.

We can provide guidance/assistance to achieve your target compliance level should you still be uncertain regarding the implementation of your B-BBEE strategy. We provide expertise in all areas of the B-BBEE codes and can guide you through the process with minimum cost to company and disruption to your core business.


Companies should also be aware that the law requires that you should submit your Employment Equity Reports (where applicable) to The Department of Labour annually – failure to do so will result in significant fines and the inability to claim points on your B-BBEE scorecard.


All businesses that wish to claim points on their B-BBEE scorecard under Skills Development, are required to submit their Work Skills Plans annually during March and April Failure to do so will again result in any training/skills development initiatives not being recognized for your B-BBEE scorecard.

Should you require further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ttacademy.co.za for a non-obligatory meeting and subsequent quotation for our services.

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