B-BBEE Compliance – How we can Thusa you in the process

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The current business lexicon of South Africa can be described as competitive and difficult, yet also inclusive. The introduction of B-BBEE scorecards is to try to remedy the past disadvantages the black people were privy to. By promoting the economic growth of black people in the business, the organisation places itself as a well-garnered and respect entity that aims for the empowerment of all South African alike, further alliterating on the rainbow nation bestowed by struggle icon Nelson Mandela.

As leaders in providing consultancy services, over the years, Tusanang has established itself as a suitable and value-added Consulting firm that can assist your organisation with the necessary steps to ensure B-BBEE Compliance. Many of a time we have been inundated by clients who seek our help because they find the process daunting and time-consuming. In our experience, we have established this is because they get promised by exceptional services from questionable consultants who often leave them with poor results. Through profitable, uninterrupted growth we have established an enviable business solutions portfolio. Our client record speaks for itself; through our extensive services and commitment to help one another as our name suggests, our employment equity services have delivered satisfactory results for our clients.

To provide more insight as to what steps need to be taken for BBBEE compliance, we have taken the liberty of listing them below:

1. Identify which sector you trade-in

2. Understand the relevant sector code

3. Identify and analyse where you can score points and where you will lose points

4. Calculate the relevant targets where the necessary spend needs to be incurred on the various Elements

5. Identify a suitable Training provider that is accredited to assists you with the skills spend required

6. Identify a SANAS Accredited Verification Agency that will be responsible for your B-BBEE Verification

7. Start collection all the relevant documentation and place this into your Verification File

8. Calculate a Preliminary Scorecard for submission to the Verification Agency

9. Book your Verification Date and ask for the Verification plan and agenda

10. Have the Verification On-Site

11. Follow up on any outstanding verification documentation and submit it to your verification agent

12. Receive your SANAS Accredited B-BBEE Certificate

As mentioned above, our extensive track record has seen us assist our clients with B-BBEE compliance and has resulted in positive results. We aim to provide the best service possible, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business. We also assist in your document compilation so that your BEE Audit goes smoothly. A BEE certificate will result in more business for your organisation, further strengthening your position in your relevant industry. Even during the country’s lockdown, we have placed electronic means in place to ensure that we continue providing excellent service to all our clients.

To get more information, send us an email to bee@ttacademy.co.za and we will get in touch with you to get the process started so you can take the first step in improving your business opportunities.

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