The African origin word, Tusanang, is a compassionate word with strong roots which means “to help one another”


Established in 2003, Tusanang Group is a renowned business solution and training company in South Africa

not all orginisations are the same

Each one has its own challenges and requirements. Tusanang strives to be fair-minded, honest and transparent in its contracting and consulting practice. 

Growth & Development

We believe in providing opportunities for every individual in South Africa. We assist those who seek to move forward in their career, grow within their organisation, and most importantly, in their personal development.

Support & Success

We strongly believe in the success of our work. The support we give organisations and people to succeed is provided through our innovative and robust solutions and training.

Customer Relationship

Tusanang is passionate about customer relationships, quality services and products, and the creative and innovative individuals we serve.

Empower Workforce

With South Africans at the centre of our hearts, we strive to reinforce employment and workforce growth throughout the country. We achieve this by working alongside clients who have the same principles at mind.

Tusanang Training is a B-BBEE contributor

Tusanang Training has been independently verified and has been awarded a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor rating with a B-BBEE Procurement Recognition level of 125%.

Our B-BBEE specific ownership structure ensures maximum gain on procurement of 125% (Level 2) which is enhanced to 150% for being a new supplier in accordance with the Code of Good Practice.

Tusanang is Accredited


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